My personal top 10 is:
  1. Measuring the ROI of software process improvement, R van Solingen, IEEE Software, 2004
    With a follow-up paper, based on selection of top-pick article in 25 years, 2009
  2. What’s the True Hourly Cost of Offshoring?“, Darja Smite en Rini van Solingen.  IEEE Software 33.5 (2016): 60-70
  3. The Power of Scrum, R van Solingen, E Rustenburg, Jeff Sutherland, 2011 (Based on Dutch version that also appeared in French and German)
  4. How to lead self-managing teams?, R van Solingen, 2016, (also appeared in Dutch and German)
  5. Calculating the Extra Costs and the Bottom-line Hourly Cost of Offshoring“, Darja Šmite, Ricardo Britto and Rini van Solingen, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Global Software Engineering, IEEE Press, 2017 – best-paper award!
  6. Scrum for Managers, R van Solingen en R van Lanen, 2013, (also appeared in Dutch and German)
  7. The Goal/Question/Metric method: a practical guide for quality improvement of software development, R van Solingen, E Berghout,McGraw-Hill Cambridge, UK, 1999
  8. The Responsive Enterprise, R van Solingen en V Kapoor, 2016 (also appeared in Dutch en Duits)
  9. Interrupts: just a minute never is, R van Solingen, E Berghout, F van Latum, IEEE Software, 1998
  10. Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in small-and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Netherlands.“, Timans, W., Antony, J., Ahaus, K., & van Solingen, R., Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2012
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