I am married to Patricia. We live in the city of Zoetermeer (15 km east of The Hague and 20 km north of Rotterdam). We have two children: a daughter Bo (2001) and a son Bas (2003). Bas is severely mentally retarded due to a rare chromosome defect (22q13 deletion), however, he (mostly) is an enlightment to our family and life.

In my spare time I am a manager and founder of the Logeerplezier foundation. This foundation was founded by my wife and I to supply holiday
housing and weekend stays for disabled children and their families. For more information on Logeerplezier (click here: although the site is currently still in Dutch, you still might get a good impression).

In my remaining time, my wife and I enjoy quality diners in (sometimes too expensive) restaurants.
The extra kilos I gain there, I try to loose in the fitness room and playing in a football (USA: soccer) team.