How to lead self-managing teams?

How to lead-self managing teams? – A Business Novel – Changing leadership from sheepherding to beekeeping.

This is the English translation of my Dutch book “De Bijenherder”.

More and more organizations introduce self-managing teams. Managers need to initiate and guide that transformation, although it’s often unclear what their roles will be afterwards. And if a manager does not change with it, they could become an obstacle instead of a motivating factor. This book tells you the story of Mark, an executive in a large organization that has introduced self-management. During a short holiday, Mark visited his grandfather who told him how he had switched careers from being a shepherd to a beekeeper and what he had learned along the way. These lessons applied to Mark’s situation surprisingly well. The chat helped Mark make a list of the things he needed to change and implement. The key lesson is to ‘un-manage’ and unlearn old habits. This book explains how.

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