Scrum for Managers

Scrum for Managers is the English translation of our Dutch book “Scrum voor Managers

How to help stakeholders understand the benefits of Scrum? You don’t need to take a Scrum Certified training (with a cost in the thousands of dollars) to learn to sell Scrum to your manager and your organization. Scrum for Managers will get you started now, and will keep you going tomorrow This book will give you the understanding and the arguments you need to help your manager, or your team to adopt Scrum. The book covers such key topics as these:

  • What is the Return on Investment of Scrum?
  • The 9 most important benefits of Scrum
  • Examples of wide applicability of Scrum
  • The 4 reasons why agile is needed
  • The 7 most important changes for managers
  • How to define and manage budgets and yearly plans with Scrum

The content in this book represents many years of experience, and tackles the questions you will have, and the questions you will be asked when introducing Scrum in your organization. Reading this book will save you countless days, weeks and months in implementation. Most importantly it will reduce your stress and guide you in your adoption of Scrum – no matter the size of your organization. But my organization has so many questions… If you are a manager adopting Scrum, this book will help you tackle the right questions based on Rini’s and Rob’s long hands-on experience. The book covers the top 50 questions that get asked over and over again in Scrum adoptions around the world. If you work with managers that are adopting Scrum in their organization this book will give you a very easy way to communicate with them, because this book is written from the manager’s perspective, and tackles their biggest questions and objections to adopt Scrum.

You can order Scrum for Managers here.