Global software engineering research

At Delft University of Technology I lead the education and research on Global Software Engineering: developing and maintaining software with developers and development teams scattered over the globe.

Thomas Allen already shown many years ago that when the physical distance between people is larger than 50 meters, the chances for unplanned informal interations drop to almost zero. As such, it does not really matters whether distributed software engineers are apart 60 meters or 6000 kilometers; the chances that they meet is almost zero anyway.

Our research at Delft University of Technology focuses on how we can use technological tools to give distributed software engineers the perception that they are within these 50 meters (while they are not). When the awareness is that they are close, we have solved a large piece of the puzzle. Our research is based on the assumption that when the perception of distance disappears, also the most common challenges of this distance will fade away.

On these pages we report on our progress in our research and include the most recent publications.