List of publications

A complete list with publications can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
My personal top 10:
  1. Measuring the ROI of software process improvement, R van Solingen, IEEE Software, 2004
    With a follow-up paper, due to inclusion in the Top-pick list of the last 25 years, 2009
  2. De kracht van Scrum, (Dutch: The Power of Scrum) R van Solingen, E Rustenburg, 2010, Pearson Education
  3. The Goal/Question/Metric method: a practical guide for quality improvement of software development, R van Solingen, E Berghout,McGraw-Hill Cambridge, UK, 1999
  4. Interrupts: just a minute never is, R van Solingen, E Berghout, F van Latum, IEEE Software, 1998
  5. Making meetings work, M Ochs, R van Solingen, CrossTalk, Journal of Defense Software Engineering, 2004
  6. Adopting GQM based measurement in an industrial environment, F van Latum, R van Solingen, M Oivo, B Hoisl, D Rombach, G Ruhe, IEEE Software, 1998
  7. Calculating Software Process Improvement’s Return on Investment, R van Solingen, D Rico, Advances in Computers, Quality Software Development, 2006
  8. CMMI roadmaps, J Cannegieter, A Heijstek, B Linders, R van Solingen, Software Engineering Institute, Technical Note, CMU/SEI-2008-TN-010, November 2008
  9. The Goal/Question/Metric approach, V Basili, G Caldiera, D Rombach, R van Solingen, Encyclopedia of Software Engineering,  Vol. 1, 2nd print, John Wiley and Sons, 2000
  10. De kleine CMMI voor ontwikkeling, (in Dutch) J Cannegieter, R van Solingen, 2007, Academic Service (also available for Acquisition and Services)
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