Personal highlights

  1. (2012) Inauguration with symposium as a (part-time) full professor in Global Software Engineering at Delft University of Technology (research group Software Engineering headed by prof. dr. Arie van Deursen). 
  2. (2009) Inclusion of the 2004 IEEE Software paper on Return-on-Investment of Software Process Improvement (click here) in the list of 35 most influential articles in the existence of the magazine (25 year aniversary edition).
    7 authors on this list were asked to publish a follow-up paper; mine had the title: “A follow-up reflection on the RoI of SPI“.
  3. (2010) Publication of our book “De Kracht van Scrum” (Dutch version of The Power of Scrum, written together with Eelco Rustenburg). This book is now als availabel in English, German and French). You can find a video impression of the book launch event here.
  4. (1999) Publication of my book: The Goal/Question/Metric Method at McGraw-Hill written together with Egon Berghout (with whom I had a very productive collaboration during 5 years which I include as a highlight!). This book was the end result of four graduation projects at Schlumberger RPS and besides a methodological description of GQM, also contains all deliverables and results of four measurement programs in this company.
  5. (2000) Ph.D. in management science (the thesis is available here) from Eindhoven University of Technology under supervision of Jos Trienekens, Rob Kusters, Aarnout Brombacher en Theo Bemelmans. Topic: a product focused method for process improvement tuned at the embedded software industry.
  6. (2003) Appointment as (part-time) professor (Dutch: lector) in Quality Management and Quality Engineering at Stenden University in the Netherlands.
  7. (2004) Publication of my article on the Return-on-Investment of Software Process Improvement in IEEE Software. The paper (click here) that I am personally most proud of because it contains: a. an overview on all known RoI numbers in industry, and b. contains a number of cases and examples on how to quantify cost and benefits in a pragmatic way.
  8. (2006) Publication of our book “de kleine CMMI voor ontwikkeling” – The little CMMI in Dutch – (click here) (co-authored with Jan Jaap Cannegieter). This was the first version on CMMI for development; later we also published a version on CMMI for Acquisition in 2009 (click here) and a version on CMMI for Services in 2010 (click here).
  9. (2005) Winning the ITEA Excellence Award for the TT-Medal project, a project in which I was assistant and executive project manager under the supervision of Colin Willcock (Nokia). My experiences as projectmanager of the ITEA Moose and the ITEA Merlin project were an important basis for this price and are as such part of this personal highlight.
  10. (1995) Graduation in technical informatics at Delft University of Technology under supervision of Egon Berghout, Bas Brussaard, Frank van Latum and Michiel van Genuchten. Topic: the design, expansion and implementation of a GQM-based measurement program at Schlumberger RPS (click here for the master thesis).