Vlog 57: Start with Scrum: As simple as possible, but not simpler

How do you deploy Scrum? Can you already change it for your organization before using it, or do you use it by the book and learn from there? Personally, I am not a Scrum purist. On the other hand, I also think that you cannot deploy Scrum partly. Customizing Scrum before you have learned how it works, doesn’t work either. In this Video, I sit with Eelco Rustenburg, my fellow-author of our book: The Power of Scrum. Eelco puts it nicely: start simple, but not any simpler. Take a product, project, programme or portfolio that matches with the size of your organization and start with Scrum as it is supposed to be. Discover if it brings you anything, and helps you out in becoming more predictable, faster or more flexible. Learn how it works for you, and where it makes sense to customize to your context and where it is not possible to customize. Start small and take it from there. Basics, basics, basics.

It’s been a while since my last Vlog/Blog. Been busy on writing, teaching and consulting. Scrum for Managers was published in Dutch and we are currently working on an English version of the book too, which will be out in few months or so. Keep you posted!