Vlog 48: Delighting the customer – with Peter Stevens

According the Peter Stevens and Steve Denning it is really simple: “In the 21st century there will be two kinds of companies, those who delight their customers and those who don’t!“. The companies that delight their customer will prosper, those who don’t will die. In an age where everyone is connected to everyone. Where the customer really builds and breaks a companies’ reputation, delighting the customer seems not such a bad idea. You can call this Radical Management, you can call this Customer Capitalism, you can call this Agile. What matters is that putting “value for the customer” at the heart of everything you do will become the new bottom-line of successful organizations.

Customer happiness (and employee happiness) might be the best available indicators for future growth, revenue and success  If this happiness is so important, why don’t we measure it? And with measure I mean really measure: on a daily basis, just as companies watch their stock prices. Maybe they better watch their happiness numbers as these are the early indicators of what happens to the price of their stocks! Henrik Kniberg has written about this (click here) and also in our company we measure customer and employee happiness on a frequent basis to steer how we work and where we need to go.

So, my advise for teams, departments, companies and business-eco-systems: start measuring happiness…now!