Vlog 56: Always do offshoring Agile!

For my lecture series in Delft, I always invite industrial guest speakers to share with my students how they do distributed development (offshoring) in practice. I find it remarkable that almost every speakers starts to talk about Agile and Scrum. For some reason all companies seem active in making their offshoring efforts Agile. My estimation is that they do this, because they have learned that transparency and a focus on working and tested results is a precondition for succesful offshoring. In this Vlog I give my thoughts on this.

An important contribution of Agility to offshoring is making progress transparent in terms of understood and non-understood stuff. Control in terms of the product solves many of the challenges in offshoring. Agility is the catalist to achieve this. Or in terms of Ken Schwaber en Jeff Sutherland: “The only measure of progress is the amount of working and tested software!“.

So, if you do offshoring, please do it Agile!