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Speed as Strategy

Video published to promote our book The Responsive Enterprise.

Our society changes and accelerates. In the past it took years for a product to really hit the market. But nowadays there are apps with several million downloads in just a single day. And even that is accelerating. Up to hours, minutes, maybe even seconds. How does your organization respond to this acceleration? How do you achieve control in a fast changing world? How do you steer when everything is going really-really fast? How to prevent complete chaos? Or worse how to avoid total paralysis?

The answer to all these questions is actually really simple (more…)

Keynote ING 2017 – Distributed Software Engineering

In March of this year I was invited to talk at an internal ING event. Though the quality of the video is not briljant, the talk itself went fine, so I decided to share this one. The event was in the Johan Cruijf Arena, a big event location where the biggest popstars have been on stage (Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and more). The opening keynote was by Dave Farley – co-author with Jez Humble of the famous Continuous Delivery book.

Vlog 57: Start with Scrum: As simple as possible, but not simpler

How do you deploy Scrum? Can you already change it for your organization before using it, or do you use it by the book and learn from there? Personally, I am not a Scrum purist. On the other hand, I also think that you cannot deploy Scrum partly. Customizing Scrum before you have learned how it works, doesn’t work either. In this Video, I sit with Eelco Rustenburg, my fellow-author of our book: The Power of Scrum. Eelco puts it nicely: start simple, but not any simpler. Take a product, project, programme or portfolio that matches with the size of your organization and start with Scrum as it is supposed to be. Discover if it brings you anything, and helps you out in becoming more predictable, faster or more flexible. Learn how it works for you, and where it makes sense to customize to your context and where it is not possible to customize. Start small and take it from there. Basics, basics, basics.


Vlog 56: Always do offshoring Agile!

For my lecture series in Delft, I always invite industrial guest speakers to share with my students how they do distributed development (offshoring) in practice. I find it remarkable that almost every speakers starts to talk (more…)

Vlog 54: Adding distance to software engineering

What happens when you add distance to software engineering? What happens when you start developing your software on the other end of the globe? What happens when you start to offshore your software development?

Well, according to Carmel and Agarwal, this has an impact on 3 dimensions: (more…)

Vlog 53: What is the impact of distance on individuals and interactions?

During the first Prowareness Agile+ Market, I was asked to give a lecture on Agile Offshoring. I asked Frans to join me and to tape the lecture. While editing, he split the lecture in a series of chapters. In this Vlog, the first chapter of the talk is included, addressing how distance impacts interactions and refers to the Thomas Allen curve, who already many years ago showed that distances over 50 meters already have a dramatic impact, even to the extend that it does not really matter whether people are 50 meters apart, 50 kilometers or 5.000 kilometers.

The discussion Frans and I have regarding how we are going to make the Vlogs is also inlcuded. I don’t know whether that is a good idea. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Vlog!!

Working while playing – Videoblog with Eelco Rustenburg

In this videoblog I sit with Eelco Rustenburg, my co-author of our book The Power of Scrum. Eelco is experimenting in practice with playfulness in the workforce. Trying to organize work in such a way that it becomes playing. Because, as he explains, his little son has taught him that when you play, you are focused, stress free, creative, full of energy…. Wouldn’t that be perfect when we work? After all, if work is playing and playing is fun, than work is fun!

How to improve your Daily Scrum meeting?

During the Daily Scrum, a time-boxed meeting of 15 minutes max, a Scrum team aligns their work by sharing status, signaling impediments and re-planning towards Sprint success. Most Scrum teams keep this meeting while standing; ensuring focus, energy and speed. This is why many teams also call the Daily Scrum, the Daily stand-up meeting, or just shortly: the stand-up. For software development teams that start with Scrum, the Daily Scrum is one of the most disrupting changes in their routines, and sometimes teams resist doing the Daily Scrum. This is not wise. The Daily Scrum is an important meeting for a self-steering Scrum team. The meeting ensures that things are running towards success and that deviations are addressed.

The 3 most common mistakes we encounter in practice are: (more…)

Payment inequality and unhappiness

Yesterday I was pointed (by @MartinVanGogh) to a short movie on YouTube about how US citizens, wish and think that wealth is distributed in their country. This was also compared to the actual situation.

When watching the movie, I couldn’t help thinking back to the conversation I had with Steve Denning, which was about the extend in which the bandwith in compansation impacts (un)happiness of people.

Both videos are included (more…)